Intensity of Bass

Format: CD
Release Date: 11/23/2018
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We all secretly know about the opinion that bass players are not bandleaders, that bass players are the accessory of a band or a soloist, and that bassists do not create works. We have already proven, that this is not entirely the case, as shown in numerous publications by GLM Music - Sven Faller, D.D. Lowka are to be mentioned here. With the first CD under his name - Intensity of Bass - Joel Locher, whom many regard as an outstanding companion of numerous formations, now presents his own music. Joel Locher comes from a musical family - his mother is an opera singer, his father bassist with the Stuttgart Philharmonic. So, it is not surprising that the young Joel Locher made his first steps with classical music, studied classical double bass at the Stuttgart University and also played with the Stuttgart Philharmonic. Already at the age of 16 he discovered the world of jazz through friendly musicians. Early participation in jam sessions and first concerts laid the foundation for his further journey as a jazz bassist. The present album contains numerous own compositions by Joel Locher as well as works of his companions. He has accompanied some of them and their ensembles on numerous tours for years and now he has gathered them in the studio to record his music. These include Jermaine Landsberger, Wawau Adler, Gismo Graf, Sandro Roy and Pee Wee Ellis. Melodious - spherical - diversified - funky - modern - classical - atmospheric This is how the album by Joel Locher can be described - he wants to communicate these impressions with his music. As diverse as the adjectives are, as broad is the musical range of the album. We find songs that are reduced to the bare minimum, such as a bass solo piece, but also titles that come up with classic gypsy jazz elements.

1. Gatwick
Length: 04:34
2. Change
Length: 05:33
3. Speed
Length: 03:36
4. Fantasie Pour Carina
Length: 05:21
5. Intensity of Bass
Length: 02:56
6. Montalivet Vendays
Length: 05:17
7. Englishman in New York
Length: 03:24
8. The Streets
Length: 06:05
9. Klappe Die Zweite (Interlude)
Length: 01:05
10. Martinique
Length: 05:27
11. Joel's Groove
Length: 04:30
12. Klappe Die Dritte!
Length: 07:57
13. J.L. Swing
Length: 05:15
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Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 61:00
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