Format: CD
Release Date: 3/13/2020
Album Personnel: Anthony Cox (Electric Bass), Johannes Tonio Kreusch (Acoustic Guitar)
Label: Fine Music
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It is always fascinating when improvised sounds take shape and become rousing music. For this miracle appropriate musicians are needed, who can lead and develop this conversation without words. The jazz pianist Cornelius Claudio Kreusch and his brother, the classical guitarist Johannes Tonio Kreusch, have proven for a long time that they are capable of this, although or perhaps because they come from different musical genres and worlds. Their most recent album with the programmatic name Gestalt!, however, is an important highlight of their previous dialogue of improvising togetherness. This is also due to the third member of the band, who mediates between the two styles of the Kreuschs, who makes the otherwise not unproblematic, often overlapping combination of guitar and piano sound completely harmonious and on top of that spreads a secure rhythmic foundation at every moment: the American bassist Anthony Cox. He is one of Cornelius Claudio's oldest friends and companions: When I came to New York from Boston during my studies at Berklee College of Music, Anthony was the first American musician who accepted me completely, opened doors for me and gave me the feeling that I belonged to them, Kreusch says. With his love of experimentation and his play, combining stoic calm with a sense of tranquility and extending this towards modern music, especially when using bows, he now belongs to the inventory of the New York jazz scene. He worked with old masters like Sam Rivers, Stan Getz, Elvin Jones or Craig Harris as well as innovators like Henry Threadgill or John Scofield; he belonged to the bands of Anthony Davis, James Newton or Marty Ehrlich and has released several albums as bandleader himself since the nineties.

1. A Configuration
Length: 04:55
2. A Pattern of Elements
Length: 05:28
3. So Unified
Length: 03:25
4. As a Whole
Length: 04:58
5. That It Cannot
Length: 01:09
6. Be Described
Length: 05:17
7. Merely
Length: 04:10
8. As a Sum
Length: 05:27
9. Of
Length: 05:56
10. Its
Length: 04:17
11. Parts
Length: 01:32
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 46:34
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