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Release Date: 3/8/2019
Label: Moosicus
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Cornucopía - that is a love story. The first meeting was around 2 ½ years ago in the Botanical Gardens of Lisbon. Shortly before Ivan was due to fly back to Brazil, Ralf Schmid and the manager of the SWR Big Band, Hans-Peter Zachary met with him for a working lunch. The basics were discussed, and an initial work phase followed in southern Germany's Freiburg in the winter of 2011. Ivan made suggestions for a whole week. Then it was Ralf Schmid's job to choose from the incredible fund the songs that you can now hear on this album. The first session was recorded separately, but then it became clear that the live character of the music was the decisive factor. This led to a legendary recording session in the Stuttgart SWR radio studio in March 2012. The four recording rooms were fully occupied: alongside Ivan, Ralf and the SWR Big Band,Wolfgang Haffner played drums, and in the percussion room 3 percussionists (Roland Peil, Edmundo Carneiro & Jorge Brasil) were rattling and shaking for all they were worth - all with incredible energy and enthusiasm. And the following happened: first the music rose and then fell, and floated over the room with such lightness that everybody involved was certain of being part of something very special.

1. Araketutu
Length: 03:35
2. Awa Yiô
Length: 05:23
3. Atlantida
Length: 04:17
4. Todo Mundo
Length: 06:18
5. Oi Lua
Length: 04:16
6. Carrossel do Bate-Coxa
Length: 05:05
7. Samba de Vison
Length: 04:15
8. Missing Miles
Length: 05:37
9. Trem Bom
Length: 04:27
10. Estrela Guia
Length: 04:24
11. Pontos Cardeais
Length: 05:06
12. Roda Baiana
Length: 03:17
13. Guantanamineira
Length: 04:20
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 60:20
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