NDR 60 Years Jazz Edition No. 1 [Vinyl]

Format: Vinyl
Release Date: 3/8/2019
Label: Moosicus
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Anyone in the NDR studio in Hamburg on the 9th of March 1953 who could read minds would probably have witnessed an international dialogue, which has ever since repeatedly influenced the Jazz world. ''60 years Jazz in the NDR'' - and what an event stands at the very beginning! The power of imagination is really not sufficient to conceive of the interaction of Gillespie's quintet with the other band in this studio session - or how on this 9th of March what was probably the most important modern quintet in the German-speaking world performed alongside Dizzy. Hans Koller had formed the band around himself. Koller was born in 1921 in Vienna. After time spent as an American prisoner of war, in 1946 he returned to his home city to found a Jazz club, and the saxophone sound he made his own influenced at least a generation. The trombonist Albert Mangelsdorff was not even 25 years old in March 1953, and it is not so long since he swapped the guitar for the trombone as a professional musician. Jutta Hipp is the pianist. Born in Leipzig in 1935, she was regarded as the greatest piano talent of her time; her career took off vertically, but ended abruptly and tragically shortly after she moved to the USA. She never played piano again and she never returned to Germany. She died in 2003 in New York, almost completely forgotten.

1. They Can't Take That Away from Me
Length: 03:39
2. Alone Together
Length: 04:38
3. Manteca
Length: 03:18
4. Tin Tin Deo
Length: 03:32
5. I Can't Get Started
Length: 03:04
6. The Way You Look Tonight
Length: 03:51
7. Indian Summer
Length: 04:26
8. You Go to My Head
Length: 05:21
9. All the Things You Are
Length: 03:39
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Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 35:28
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