Across The Universe

Format: CD
Release Date: 3/13/2020
Label: Earmusic
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Across The Universe is a homage to The Beatles and their influence on generations of musicians and music lovers all over the world. You will enjoy the instantly recognizable Beatles melodies blended into the elaborated and unique style of one of the greatest jazz guitarists of our time. These recordings not only are means to pay tribute to the Beatles, whom Di Meola had admired since his teenage years, but also go back in time and capture all the moments that define him today as a man and guitarist who inspired generations of musicians. Di Meola invites his audience to accompany him on his very personal musical journey throughout his life. A life that has been accompanied by iconic Beatles songs like 'Hey Jude', 'Here Comes The Sun', 'Strawberry Fields Forever' and 'Yesterday'. Across The Universe is a musical retrospective of Al di Meola's life, his music and his unique career of almost five decades.

1. Here Comes the Sun
Length: 03:26
2. Golden Slumber's Medley
Length: 06:17
3. Dear Prudence
Length: 04:35
4. Norwegian Wood
Length: 06:06
5. Mother Nature's Son
Length: 04:01
6. Strawberry Fields Forever
Length: 05:47
7. Yesterday
Length: 05:09
8. Your Mother Should Know
Length: 04:30
9. Hey Jude
Length: 04:51
10. I'll Follow the Sun
Length: 04:28
11. Julia
Length: 04:42
12. Till There Was You
Length: 04:37
13. Here, There and Everywhere
Length: 02:31
14. Octopus's Garden
Length: 00:46
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 61:46
UPC: 4029759140313