Entering the Woods

Format: CD
Release Date: 5/22/2020
Label: Skip
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The waiting is over: "Entering The Woods", the 5th album by the Emil Brandqvist Trio, is finished. There's no doubt that this formation is among the few piano trios worldwide that have played their way up to a continentspanning listening audience in recent years by constantly developing the band's very own, highly recognizable sound and advancing it further: - More than 10 million streams for individual songs! Have catapulted the trio to vanguard rankings. In North America they crop up on the playlists displaying major radio audience figures, in Japan they're a must on countless compilations as a prime example of today's Scandinavian Jazz, in Germany their last album ranked No. 3 on the national jazz charts.

1. My New Bike
Length: 04:19
2. Unbreakable
Length: 05:08
3. From Now On
Length: 03:41
4. Crowded Apartment
Length: 04:01
5. When the Light Shines Through
Length: 04:54
6. The Woods
Length: 05:25
7. Grand Piano
Length: 03:55
8. Butterflies
Length: 03:58
9. Hide and Seek
Length: 02:41
10. The Clouds Are Clearing
Length: 04:13
11. Downhill
Length: 02:44
12. Raindrops
Length: 05:58
13. Epilogue
Length: 03:52
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 54:49
UPC: 4037688914929