Format: CD
Release Date: 9/4/2020
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Atmospheric 2020 album by Mino Cinelu and Nils Petter. The album title takes it's name from Sula, the island off the west coast of Norway where Molvær is from, and Madiana, a synonym for Martinique, where Cinelu's father comes from. The album pays tribute to Manu Dibango, Tony Allen and Jimmy Cobb, all recently departed. How do you create an entire world from nothing but tones, sounds and rhythms? A world full of width and depth, full of colors, movements and manifestations, with different temperatures and divergent courses of time. On SulaMadiana, it only takes two musicians to form such a world. Nils Petter Molvær and Mino Cinelu both came a long way until their meeting became inevitable.

1. Le monde qui change
2. New York Stroll
3. SulaMadiana (For Manu Dibango)
4. O Xingu
5. Take the A# Train
6. Theories of Dreaming
7. Indianala
8. Kanno Mwen
9. Tambou Madiana (For Jimmy Cobb)
10. Process of Breathing
11. Rose of Jericho
12. Song for Julle (For Tony Allen)
13. Song for Julle (Oslo)
14. SulaMadiana, Pt. 1
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