Format: CD
Release Date: 5/10/2019
Label: Galileo Music
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Everybody knows how well Jazz and Flamenco can go together since Miles Davis' album "Sketches of Spain". The mixture of these two genres since then has developed and generated wonderful music and great artists: one of these is the band Rasgueo from Berlin. The four musicians create beautiful sound images by merging the different musical styles in an artistic way. With their second album "Echo" Rasgueo shows how singular the liaison between World Music, Jazz and Flamenco can be. Rasgueo's composition mostly arise from Greek guitarist Tsiachris and his different musical ideas. He compares the composing process to the putting together a puzzle or to the drawing of a picture. As soon as the main features are formed he introduces them to the band. With the band's feedback and proposals new musical pictures are being drawn with the participation of all musicians (Martin Auer - Trumpet, Diego Piñera - Drums, Martin Lillich - double bass). Rasgueo - colorful music in the tones of Flamencos, Jazz and World Music.

1. Guajiras de Graciela
Length: 05:35
2. Lesbos
Length: 06:11
3. Sonrisa
Length: 02:51
4. Echo
Length: 02:51
5. Dreieck
Length: 04:54
6. Uncle Takis
Length: 03:53
7. Tránsito
Length: 07:00
8. Ilusions
Length: 05:34
9. Baracoa
Length: 06:04
10. Asturias
Length: 06:30
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 51:23
UPC: 4250095800825