Mozart in Jazz

Format: CD
Release Date: 1/4/2019
Style(s): Third Stream
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Pianist Stephan Konig writes of this new release: ''For me, improvisation is on an equal footing with composition. Improvisation has one advantage over composition in that the interpreter can respond much more directly to each concert situation. That means responding to the concert space, the instrument, the audience's vibes, and especially to the particular emotional state in the room. Composition's advantage is that a composer can fine-tune a piece as long as he needs to, until he believes that it's finished. The risk with improvisation lies in the fact that there is only one temporal opportunity for a tone. There is free-improvisation and improvisation bound to themes; this concert is bound to the musical themes and forms of expression of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. This means that both art forms- improvisation and composition- merge into one another.''

1. Klavierkonzert in Jazz (Klavierkonzert A-Dur, KV 488) Allegro
Length: 06:50
2. Klavierkonzert in Jazz (Klavierkonzert A-Dur, KV 488) Adagio
Length: 08:36
3. Klavierkonzert in Jazz (Klavierkonzert A-Dur, KV 488) Allegro assai
Length: 05:59
4. Abendempfindung an Laura KV 523
Length: 07:09
5. Der Blues der Trennung KV 519
Length: 06:08
6. Der Zauberer KV 472
Length: 04:14
7. Sehnsucht nach dem Frühling KV 596
Length: 07:11
8. Eine jazzige Nachtmusik KV 525 Allegro
Length: 04:52
9. Eine jazzige Nachtmusik KV 525 Romance
Length: 05:34
10. Eine jazzige Nachtmusik KV 525 Manuett- Rondo
Length: 09:51
11. Rondo alla turca aus Klaviersonate A-Dur, KV 331
Length: 05:23
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Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 71:47
UPC: 4260077710806