Presents Riff Jazz and Lazy Lively Love

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Release Date: 5/22/2020
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Jackie Gleason presents Riff Jazz and Lazy Lively Love, two "mood music" LPs on CD in remastered, full dimensional sound with original cover art. As bonus tracks, a rare 1955 single, Capri in May, which has never been reissued until now, plus two of Gleason's famous themes, You're My Greatest Love (from "The Honeymooners") and Melancholy Serenade (from "The Jackie Gleason Show"), are included. *the last three tracks may not be included. 

1. Tollgate Treat
2. Sawmill Slide
3. Hawthorne Circle Hop
4. Route "9A" Romp
5. Briarcliff Beat
6. Harmon Hum
7. Croton Craze
8. Mary's Pizza Mart
9. Cortlandt Clipper
10. Furnace Dock Flip
11. Round Rock Riff
12. Buchanan Bustout
13. Peekskill Peek
14. Bear Mountain Blast
15. Bird 'N Bottle
16. Safe Home Swing
17. Speak Low
18. Limehouse Blues
19. Lover Man (Oh Where Can You Be')
20. Too Close for Comfort
21. It Had to Be You
22. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter
23. Broken Hearted
24. Breesin Along (With the Breeze)
25. Smile
26. On the Street Where You Live
27. Because of You
28. Exactly Like You
29. Capri in May (Je Me Sens Si Bien)
30. You're My Greatest Love
31. Melancholy Serenade
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