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Release Date: 3/15/2019
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Picture of BUBBLES (DIG) Minnesota - Lieven Venken / Rene Hart / Anat Fort Trio Source

All of them were surprised by the cohesiveness of this recording from 14 years ago, and how vital and fresh it still sounds. The pieces on "Bubbles" are selected for their common emotional tone from two days of recording a huge amount of wide ranging material. Standards, original compositions, free improvisations and one special pop tune we all grew up on are all treated with a sense of respect and playfulness.

1. Minnesota
Length: 08:12
2. Bubbles
Length: 05:59
3. Fugue Village
Length: 01:20
4. Lumenesque
Length: 07:02
5. Nu
Length: 01:40
6. Walking on the Moon
Length: 08:21
7. Shopping Spree
Length: 00:49
8. Ervatamia
Length: 03:48
9. Fjord Safari
Length: 02:15
10. Window Seat Nostalgia
Length: 04:11
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Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 43:37
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