I Think I'm Good

Format: CD
Release Date: 2/28/2020
Label: Brownswood
Style(s): Acid
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Also available on vinyl!


On I Think I'm Good, the second full-length from Seattle-raised, Brooklyn-based drummer and composer, Kassa Overall, the fast-rising musician masterfully dissolves the barriers between hip hop and jazz music. Taking cues from Karriem Riggins, Madlib and Flying Lotus, Overall matches jazz improvisation with beatmaker ingenuity. He’s ambitious as much as he is accomplished, dicing with serious subject matter as he leaps between the record’s soulful, kaleidoscope trip of ideas. The record features a cadre of New York’s brightest up and comers, including Joel Ross and Morgan Guerin, as well as some of its big hitters, such as Brandee Younger and Theo Croker. It even features an especially recorded cameo from legendary activist and author Dr. Angela Davis.


1. Visible Walls
Length: 03:03
2. Please Don't Kill Me (feat. Joel Ross & Theo Croker)
Length: 02:59
3. Find Me (feat. J Hoard)
Length: 04:52
4. I Know You See Me (feat. J Hoard & Melanie Charles)
Length: 03:21
5. Sleeping on the Train
Length: 01:05
6. Show Me a Prison (feat. J Hoard & Angela Davis)
Length: 03:42
7. Halfway House
Length: 03:45
8. Landline (feat. Carlos Overall)
Length: 02:23
9. Darkness in Mind (feat. Sullivan Fortner)
Length: 06:01
10. The Best of Life (feat. Aaron Parks)
Length: 01:56
11. Got Me a Plan
Length: 03:03
12. Was She Happy (For Geri Allen) [feat. Vijay Iyer]
Length: 03:42
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 39:52
UPC: 5060180324285