Loneliness Road [Vinyl]

Format: Vinyl
Release Date: 10/13/2017
Album Personnel: Steve Swallow (Electric Bass), Bobby Previte (Drums), Iggy Pop (Vocals)
Style(s): Post Bop
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Picture of LONELINESS ROAD (GATE) (DLCD) Loneliness Road - Jamie Saft Source

Over a career now spanning nearly thirty years, Jamie Saft has established himself as one of the visionaries of contemporary American music. As a composer, pianist and keyboard innovator, and collaborator of music icons such as Bad Brains, Beastie Boys, the B-52s, Donovan, John Adams and John Zorn, he has been fearless in his pursuit of spiritual elevation through music that both seeks to embrace the whole American canon, and also transcend it, by seamlessly assimilating genres, traditions, idioms and timelines. His collaboration with London based progressive label RareNoise, now dating back to 2012, reflects this polymath approach, as can be gleaned from listening to the array of path-breaking, irreducible recordings he released with them: among these, one of the most successful was a piano trio collaboration with jazz giants Steve Swallow and Bobby Previte, The New Standard. In Loneliness Road, the follow-up album to that acclaimed 2014 release, the trio of Saft, Swallow and Previte are joined on three tracks ("Don't Lose Yourself", "Loneliness Road", "Everyday") by singer Iggy Pop.

1. Ten Nights
Length: 05:26
2. Little Harbor
Length: 04:30
3. Bookmaking
Length: 04:23
4. Don't Loose Yourself (feat. Iggy Pop)
Length: 04:44
5. Henbane
Length: 04:01
6. Pinkus
Length: 07:40
7. Nainsook
Length: 04:18
8. The Barrier
Length: 05:44
9. Loneliness Road (feat. Iggy Pop)
Length: 06:34
10. Unclouded Moon
Length: 07:41
11. Gates
Length: 02:51
12. Everyday (feat. Iggy Pop)
Length: 03:41
Album Details
Disc Count: 2
Total Length: 61:33
UPC: 5060197761202