The Unknowable

Format: CD
Release Date: 2/23/2018
Style(s): Free
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Picture of THE UNKNOWABLE (DIG) The Unknowable - Dave Liebman, Adam Rudolph, and Tatsuya Nakatani Source

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The Unknowable is a completely improvised, spontaneous group-composed body of music created by legendary saxophone and flute player Dave Liebman together with celebrated percussionists Adam Rudolph and Tatsuya Nakatani. Dave Liebman, whose legendary, more than fifty year-long, career has seen him work with Miles Davis, Elvin Jones, John Scofield, Chick Corea, Dave Holland, Bob Moses and Richie Beirach, collaborates here with Adam Rudolph, himself one of the deepest percussionists of the last half century, whose collaborations encompass Don Cherry, Pharaoh Sanders, Bill Laswell, Herbie Hancock, Omar Sosa and several members of the AACM, and with Japan-born percussionist and sound innovator Tatsuya Nakatani. The result of this extraordinary meeting of the minds is music that stems from the worlds of free and spiritual jazz, yet goes beyond; It is incredibly open, has no north, south, east and west, it is simultaneously music of all humanity and of the cosmos.

1. Benediction (Opening)
Length: 04:13
2. The Simple Truth
Length: 03:47
3. Late Moon
Length: 03:41
4. The Unknowable
Length: 03:24
5. Skyway Dream
Length: 04:23
6. Transmutations
Length: 04:34
7. The Turning
Length: 03:39
8. Distant Twilight
Length: 02:57
9. Present Time
Length: 03:25
10. Iconograph
Length: 02:04
11. Cosmogram
Length: 04:43
12. Premonition
Length: 04:08
13. Benediction (Closing)
Length: 03:47
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 48:45
UPC: 5060197761417