Blue Dream [Vinyl]

Format: Vinyl
Release Date: 6/29/2018
Style(s): Post Bop
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For the last several years, multi-instrumentalist Jamie Saft has released a number of acclaimed recordings in a variety of settings on the RareNoise label. Blue Dream by The Jamie Saft Quartet is the debut for the label of this fantastic ensemble. Featuring Tenor Saxophonist Bill McHenry, Bassist Bradley Jones, Drummer Nasheet Waits and Saft on piano. Blue Dream features these four masters on nine Saft original compositions as well as three standards. Beautifully recorded and engineered in 2017 by Chris Castagno, Blue Dream is a wonderful testament of four modern masters creating a timeless document. In a time when much art suffers of meaningless ephemeral disposability, the probing, spiritual creations on Blue Dream are sure to endure.

1. Vessels
Length: 05:38
2. Equanimty
Length: 06:00
3. Sword's Water
Length: 03:50
4. Violets for Your Furs
Length: 05:56
5. Blue Dream
Length: 03:37
6. Infinite Compassion
Length: 04:31
7. Sweet Lorraine
Length: 02:50
8. Walls
Length: 03:54
9. Decamping
Length: 03:07
10. Words and Deeds
Length: 04:41
11. Mysterious Arrangements
Length: 04:24
12. There's a Lull in My Life
Length: 06:47
Album Details
Disc Count: 2
Total Length: 55:15
UPC: 5060197761547