Art in Motion

Format: CD
Release Date: 9/13/2019
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Art in Motion is the third album from Finnish pianist Aki Rissanen and his long-standing trio with bassist Antti Lotjonen and drummer Teppo Makynen. And it's sublime! An album that binds European Classical influences with an electronic dance music aesthetic framing it with a distinctive approach to Nordic Jazz. Warm, uplifting and infectious, Art in Motion will rocket Aki Rissanen's profile to even greater heights.

1. Aeropeans
Length: 05:18
2. Facts and Fiction
Length: 04:44
3. Moro Lasso al Mio Duolo
Length: 06:09
4. Das Untemperierte Klavier
Length: 05:18
5. Arborium
Length: 03:33
6. Cantus Arcticus, Melancholy
Length: 06:29
7. Seemingly Radical
Length: 06:32
8. Love Song
Length: 03:57
9. Alava Maa
Length: 04:33
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 46:33
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