Activate Infinity

Format: CD
Release Date: 10/25/2019
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Activate Infinity is the second album from The Bad Plus since the remarkable pianist Orrin Evans joined the trio back in 2018. With their sights set on a new trajectory, combined with an abundance of spirit and creativity, the trio have produced one of their finest and most original albums to date. This is group music played with vibrant imagination and vigor. It's real, deeply honest and personal. Their joy in music-making together is clear and their vision is committed and democratic. With a new home on the British label, Edition Records, the trio are working with a renewed intent that will see them grow to new heights and continue to flourish. Sit back, listen and enjoy the ride!

1. Avail
Length: 03:15
2. Slow Reactors
Length: 05:51
3. Thrift Store Jewelry
Length: 04:47
4. The Red Door
Length: 04:02
5. Looking in Your Eyes
Length: 03:58
6. Dovetail Nicely
Length: 05:07
7. Undersea Reflection
Length: 03:00
8. Love is the Answer
Length: 07:34
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 37:34
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