Cage and Aviary [Vinyl]

Format: Vinyl
Release Date: 8/16/2019
Label: Tru Thoughts
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Out July 26th, Cage & Aviary is the much-anticipated debut album from songwriter and vocalist Bryony Jarman-Pinto. Written over the course of three years, the album ties personal reflection to wider social issues, giving an intimate insight in to what it means to come of age in todays world. Sophisticated songwriting is brought to life with Bryonys harmonious vocals, layered with jazz, soul and elements of folk, creating a melodic sound that has charmed many major tastemakers, including Gilles Peterson (BBC 6Music), Jamz Supernova (BBC 1Xtra), Robert Elms (BBC Radio London), John Kennedy (Radio X) and Tina Edwards (Worldwide FM); receiving praise from publications ranging from Clash to Music Is My Sanctuary and DUMMY. Cage & Aviary was created with long-time friend, collaborator and Tru Thoughts label-mate Tom Leah AKA Werkha, highlighting their capacity for musical exploration. The album is built around my contemplations on life, love and myself and tying that in with wider global issues. Jarman-Pinto explains, lyrically I have circled around the theme of family and securities I felt at a younger age, measured against my insecurities now and personal desires to my own femininity and personhood. This lyrical struggle is best represented in Emerge, a track written at a time when Jarman-Pinto was experiencing her biggest lack of creativity and insecurity around her writing; she describes a breakthrough in writing, willing for one to come.

1. For the Birds
Length: 00:35
2. As I've Heard
Length: 03:52
3. Saffron Yellow
Length: 04:14
4. Sweet Sweet
Length: 03:45
5. All About Life
Length: 03:49
6. Sun Kissed
Length: 04:18
7. Alchemy
Length: 01:50
8. Emerge
Length: 03:26
9. Threads
Length: 04:02
10. Day Dre
Length: 03:31
11. Sour Face
Length: 03:53
12. Company
Length: 03:48
13. For the Bear
Length: 02:20
Album Details
Disc Count: 2
Total Length: 43:23
UPC: 5060609660444