My East Is Your West

Format: CD
Release Date: 11/23/2018
Label: Gearbox
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Percussionist, composer, and Indo-jazz pioneer Sarathy Korwar has reached new heights with his second album My East is Your West. The recording consists of a live performance at Church of Sound and features the UPAJ Collective, a group of estimable Indian classical, folk, and jazz musicians as well as Western jazz musicians. Sarathy and UPAJ take the fusion of Indian music and jazz further than its ever been; they create a cross-cultural exchange where both styles are used in an ethnologically-informed yet organic manner, leading us to a one-of-a-kind musical achievement that will surely influence spiritual jazz for years to come.

1. A Street in Bombay
Length: 16:37
2. Creator Has a Masterplan
Length: 09:30
3. Mind Ecology
Length: 08:24
4. Malkauns, Pt. 1
Length: 07:47
5. Malkauns, Pt. 2
Length: 13:35
6. Journey in Satchidanada
Length: 10:24
7. Hajj
Length: 12:16
8. Earth
Length: 14:40
9. Mishrank
Length: 10:20
10. Utopia and Visions
Length: 07:16
Album Details
Disc Count: 2
Total Length: 110:49
UPC: 5065001717826