Big Wheel

Format: CD
Release Date: 9/6/2019
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Thomas Grimmonprez writes: "The big wheel. The wheel that reminds us of our relationship to movement and time. The freewheel of letting go, of the suspended moment. The wheel that turns round in a square world. The symbolic nature of the big wheel inspires myths and sacred themes; it refers to the idea of perfection, like the circle; it refers above all to movement, evolution, what is to come. It is also a new beginning, perpetual creation. It was this idea of a cycle and a new beginning that stimulated me to compose this album; a new repertory with longstanding companions. After the album Kaléidoscope, released in October 2016, my desire to reveal my sonic identity further now leads me to continue my journey in the quartet form. This new project takes flight thanks to the talent of musicians free of all aesthetic dogmatism, who have consented to place their talent at the service of my compositions in order to cast light on these various tableaux in sound. By combining four strong personalities who share the same artistic attitude, I hope to be able to invite the listener to travel within my universe. It was our long friendship that prompted me to write this repertory."

1. Big Wheel
Length: 04:28
2. Sweet Cake
Length: 05:36
3. Suspended Time
Length: 05:09
4. Cats and Dogs
Length: 05:57
5. Heavy Soul
Length: 05:26
6. Quiet
Length: 03:56
7. Hypnosis
Length: 04:27
8. Spain Time
Length: 07:17
9. Highway
Length: 04:54
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 47:10
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