Boggamasta [Vinyl]

Format: Vinyl
Release Date: 7/6/2018
Label: Igloo Records
Style(s): Fusion
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Picture of BOGGAMASTA Boggamasta (feat. David Bovée) - Flat Earth Society Source

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David Bovee was the first FES guitarist from 1999 to 2003. After four years he left the band to develop his own project “Think of One.” Whether they worked with the throat singers of Greenland, Gnawa musicians from Morocco or Brazilian viruosos, they achieved an exciting melting pot of music. The fruitful collaboration with Peter Vermeersch for the ‘Theater aan Zee Festival’ in Ostend in 2013 (an ad hoc orchestra with four Gambian musicians), triggered both artists to develop a new project. Meanwhile, David lives and works in Sao Paolo and knows the Maracutu, Frevo, Ciranda and Coco music through and through. For Boggamasta, Vermeersch and Bovee wrote an exuberant repertoire, got rid of the word Frevo, to bring their own direct, energetic and frenzied music: feverish, delirious and groovy, and lots of electro!

1. The Rule of the Mule
Length: 03:51
2. From Darkness to Light
Length: 05:35
3. Sing Hallelujah
Length: 07:08
4. Confiscated Song
Length: 08:48
5. Slave
Length: 05:25
6. The Prince of All
Length: 06:27
7. Boggamasta
Length: 09:14
8. Da Beava
Length: 05:51
9. Coisi Miniti
Length: 04:37
10. Continued Progress and Development
Length: 12:40
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 69:36
UPC: 5410547032887