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Release Date: 12/13/2019
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Saxophonist Avram Fefer has developed a rapport that’s held for about a decade with the tandem of bassist Eric Revis and drummer Chad Taylor. The relationship has been flexible enough to endure some downtime; the trio’s last album was released in 2011. But Testament revels in new and nuanced textures as the trio reconvenes, adding Marc Ribot. The guitarist’s talents—spread across genres during the past 35-plus years through his work with Diana Krall, Solomon Burke, Elvis Costello, Marianne Faithful and Tom Waits—push the band toward the edges, prompted by a tone that shifts from jazz-world comping to blues shredding. - DownBeat Magazine

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1. Dean St. Hustle
Length: 04:24
2. African Interlude
Length: 09:06
3. Testament
Length: 08:00
4. Song for Dyani
Length: 04:07
5. Magic Mountain
Length: 10:54
6. Wishful Thinking
Length: 09:10
7. Parable
Length: 05:21
8. Essaouira
Length: 10:15
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 61:17
UPC: 5609063005370