Les Démons de Tosca

Format: CD
Release Date: 5/10/2019
Label: BMC Records
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Les Démons de Tosca is a multidisciplinary project involving nine musicians, one comedian, one photographer and a sound-designer. It questions the notion of demon in the creative process. Using the libretto for Puccini's opera Tosca, each concert features a new combination of players from the ensemble. One of which happened at the Opus Jazz Club in the Budapest Music Center.When the proposal came from the BMC label produce a live CD of the trio's concert, it was quite clear to us, the three musicians, that this could only represent a small part, one instant, of the shape-shifting expressions of the Demons of Tosca.Then, once the excitement of hearing the recording had passed, there was a desire to refine this snapshot, to play bluff with time we improvised in the concert, to cut it into pieces, to fashion these pieces, and bring out shadows and contrasts.This was followed by the idea of giving free reign to another improviser with new ears, Alex Bonney, to manage the sound production of the CD. In this way, some gestures launched in the distance were brought into the foreground, while the breadth of the sound spaces changes, as does the relationship between the timbres. In the end, the same intentions motivated each stage of the production of this instance of the Demons of Tosca. To improvise intuitively, urgently, with the mad illusion of being free of all demons...Seb Brun, Vincent Courtois, Robin Fincker, January 2019

1. Les Démons de Tosca, Pt. II
Length: 02:13
2. Les Démons de Tosca, Pt. III
Length: 11:12
3. Waiting for Sadness
Length: 07:59
4. Les Démons de Tosca, Pt. I
Length: 08:19
5. San Andrea
Length: 06:03
6. Des maux de tous les jours
Length: 06:05
7. Coda
Length: 03:51
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Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 45:42
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