Multiverso de lo Intangible

Format: CD
Release Date: 8/16/2019
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This exciting new release features Mexican jazz music in symphonic arrangements performed by Cristóbal López and the Orquesta Juvenil Carlos Mata. Cristóbal López, more commonly known as Cris Lobo, began studying guitar at age 6. He is self-taught. In addition to his work as a performing guitarist, he also is an accomplished composer and arranger. His career covers nearly all musical genres. He has played with numerous musicians all over the world, including Ramon Flowers, Clare Fisher, Juan Carlos Laguna, and others. He has made hundreds of recordings as a studio musician, and his research of music has led him to study the trumpet a well as traditional Japanese music.

1. Kimochi
Length: 07:00
2. Bambu
Length: 08:15
3. Life
Length: 06:23
4. Lucy
Length: 06:15
5. La Mar
Length: 07:44
6. Xalapa
Length: 06:27
7. Entre Luces y Sombras
Length: 06:30
8. Sol de Agua
Length: 10:57
9. A un Beso de Distancia
Length: 05:46
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 65:17
UPC: 600685102862