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Release Date: 6/7/2019
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The present release features orchestral arrangements of original works by Abraham Barrera. Abraham is heard on this release on piano, joined by Mexican singer Iraida Noriega. Iraida Noriega was born in Mexico City, but studied at The City College in New York City. After returning to Mexico City in 1993, Roberto Aymes invited her to participate in his jazz ensemble. From then on, Mexican music and jazz became a part of her life, allowing her to collaborate with numerous great musicians. Since then she has held international concerts across North America and Europe, and she has recorded more than 10 albums in both studio sessions and live recordings.

1. Luminosa
Length: 07:42
2. Destiempo
Length: 06:01
3. Luz en Tus Ojos
Length: 06:29
4. Ausencia
Length: 10:15
5. Los Amorosos
Length: 07:26
6. Hechicera
Length: 07:43
7. Manzana Eterna
Length: 04:27
8. Fruta Madura
Length: 05:42
9. Curva del Camino
Length: 04:06
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Total Length: 59:51
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