Who Are You?

Format: CD
Release Date: 10/23/2020
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Joel Ross' follow-up to his widely acclaimed debut KingMaker, which made Best of 2019 lists in NPR Music, Rolling Stone, & more. The album was co-produced by Walter Smith III & features Ross' Good Vibes band with Immanuel Wilkins on alto saxophone, Jeremy Corren on piano, Kanoa Mendenhall on bass & Jeremy Dutton on drums, plus harpist Brandee Younger on several tracks. "This record is a culmination of our maturing - as people, as a band, within the music - it's about figuring out who we are."

1. Dream
2. Calling
3. Home
4. More?
5. After the Rain
6. Vartha
7. Marsheland
8. Waiting on a Solemn Reminiscence
9. King's Loop
10. The Nurturer
11. Gato's Gift
12. When My Head Is Cold
13. Harmonee
14. Such Is Life
15. 3-1-2
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Total Length: 00:00
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