Alive! [Vinyl]

Format: Vinyl
Release Date: 11/15/2019
Style(s): Hard Bop
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After a prolific 5-year run from 1961-1965 when he made more than 20 great hard bop and soul jazz albums for Blue Note, guitarist Grant Green took a four-year hiatus from recording. When he returned to Blue Note in 1969, Green's style had moved into funkier territory as was perfectly captured on his first-ever live album Alive! Which captured a hard-driving set of jazz-funk at the Cliché Lounge in Newark, New Jersey in 1970.

1. Let the Music Take Your Mind
Length: 08:30
2. Time to Remember
Length: 10:30
3. Sookie, Sookie
Length: 11:00
4. Down Here on the Ground
Length: 06:45
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 36:45
UPC: 602508073854