Here Be Dragons

Format: CD
Release Date: 2/28/2020
Label: ECM Records
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In the liner notes to his third album, Here Be Dragons, Israeli-born saxophonist Oded Tzur offers a story in which he imagines the famed renaissance architect Filippo Brunelleschi on a journey bankrolled by Dutch cartographers to find dragons. Tzur’s playing is a lot like that story of his, quietly fantastical and full of narrative feints. His tone is light and sweet, with a whispered airiness that’s enhanced by his preference for the tenor’s upper octaves. There’s a vocal quality to his phrasing on “Can’t Help Falling In Love,” the album’s only cover. - DownBeat Magazine


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1. Here Be Dragons
Length: 08:29
2. To Hold Your Hand
Length: 06:20
3. 20 Years
Length: 09:55
4. Miniature 1
Length: 01:42
5. Miniature 2
Length: 01:44
6. Miniature 3
Length: 02:30
7. The Dream
Length: 05:25
8. Can't Help Falling in Love
Length: 03:33
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 39:38
UPC: 602508359989