Format: CD
Release Date: 5/29/2020
Label: ECM Records
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Accordionist, Matinier, has long been a creative presence on ECM recordings. Now comes a new endeavor, with guitarist Seddiki who shares his far-reaching musical imagination. Seddiki has a background in classical music and has also worked with many improvisers across the idioms from jazz to flamenco to transcultural projects. The range of music addressed on Rivages runs from Faure's "Les Berceaux" to the traditional "Greensleeves" to compositions/improvisations by both protagonists.

1. Schumannsko
Length: 04:51
2. Après la pluie
Length: 03:37
3. Les berceaux
Length: 03:22
4. Rêverie
Length: 03:19
5. Miroirs
Length: 03:11
6. Greensleeves
Length: 03:57
7. Feux follets
Length: 02:27
8. La chanson d'Hélène
Length: 03:46
9. In C
Length: 04:39
10. Derivando
Length: 02:10
11. Sous l'horizon
Length: 04:13
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Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 39:32
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