The Absence

Format: CD
Release Date: 5/29/2012
Label: Verve
Style(s): Vocal
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The extraordinary Melody Gardot returns with a stunning new album, "The Absence". The follow-up to her 2009 critically-acclaimed international best-seller "My One and Only Thrill", this new album is steeped in Melody's global travels and worldly influences. "The Absence" reflects time spent in the deserts of Morocco, the tango bars of Buenos Aires, the beaches of Brazil, and the streets of Lisbon. The 11 original songs encompsas the sound and feel of all these exotic places and more.

1. Mira
Length: 04:13
2. Amalia
Length: 03:01
3. So Long
Length: 03:47
4. So We Meet Again My Heartache
Length: 04:24
5. Lisboa
Length: 05:25
6. Impossible Love
Length: 03:47
7. If I Tell You I Love You
Length: 03:33
8. Goodbye
Length: 03:38
9. Se Voce Me Ama
Length: 04:53
10. My Heart Won't Have It Any Other Way
Length: 02:35
11. Iemanja
Length: 18:13
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 57:29
UPC: 602527926575