Format: CD
Release Date: 11/6/2012
Album Personnel: Anders Jormin (Acoustic Upright Bass), Jon Fält (Drums)
Label: ECM Records
Style(s): Free
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Free playing, Danish composer Carl Nielsen's "Oft Am I Glad", tunes by Bill Evans and George Russell, a Norwegian hymn, contemporary composition by Ola Gjello, a Wolf Biemann protest song, Ariel Ramirez's folkloric "La Peregrinacion"... Wide ranging repertoire has become a hallmark of Bobo stenson's albums. But it's not just the eclecticism that is striking: Stenson, Jormin, and Fält take these far-flung sources and make an organic, breathing music out of them. Stenson of course, has long been one of the greats of Scandinavian jazz, and an ECM artist since the first years of the label. But there is a balance of energies in this particular trio - clear-edged, lyrical piano playing, rootedness and keen choice of notes from the bass, and detailed, textural drumming - that is especially satisfying. Recorded in Lugano in November and December 2011.

1. Your Story
Length: 02:52
2. Indikon
Length: 06:03
3. Indicum
Length: 03:10
4. Ernutigung
Length: 05:09
5. Indigo
Length: 04:20
6. December
Length: 04:55
7. La Peregrinacion
Length: 08:26
8. Event VI
Length: 03:11
9. Ave Maria
Length: 07:48
10. Tit er jeg glad
Length: 06:42
11. Sol
Length: 09:11
12. Ubi Caritas
Length: 06:41
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 68:28
UPC: 602527945750