Special Edition

Format: CD
Release Date: 1/15/2013
Album Personnel: Peter Warren (Cello), Rufus Reid (Acoustic Upright Bass), John Purcell (Baritone Saxophone), David Murray (Tenor Saxophone), Howard Johnson (Tuba), Chico Freeman (Flute), Baikida Carroll (Trumpet), Arthur Blythe (Alto Saxophone)
Label: ECM Records
Style(s): Post Bop, Free

Special Edition – a band with revolving membership and an incredible cast of soloists including David Murray, Arthur Blythe and Chico Freeman – was one of the most sophisticated vehicles for Jack DeJohnette’s all-around talents. This set brings together the albums Special Edition, Tin Can Alley, Inflation Blues and Album Album, underscoring the excitement of invention and possibility one can hear in this era of DeJohnette’s career. The recordings reveal him as an artist in touch with tradition even as he sought the cutting edge of the day, paying homage to his jazz heroes yet experimenting with new sounds. There are echoes of old New Orleans grooves and Swing-era big bands in this collection, as well as material crafted with the techniques of ’80s pop singles; there are ambitious suite-like compositions, and there is spontaneously lowdown rhythm & blues. Recorded 1979-1984 and remastered from original tapes for ECM’s Old & New Masters series.

1. One for Eric
Length: 09:52
2. Zoot Suite
Length: 11:29
3. Central Park West
Length: 03:16
4. India
Length: 06:02
5. Journey to the Twin Planet
Length: 08:44
6. Tin Can Alley
Length: 10:49
7. Pastel Rhapsody
Length: 14:34
8. Riff Raff
Length: 06:58
9. The Gri Gri Man
Length: 04:45
10. I Know
Length: 10:19
11. Starburst
Length: 09:20
12. Ebony
Length: 08:42
13. The Islands
Length: 08:36
14. Inflation Blues
Length: 06:43
15. Slowdown
Length: 06:24
16. Ahmad the Terrible
Length: 06:08
17. Monk's Mood
Length: 07:41
18. Festival
Length: 06:08
19. New Orleans Strut
Length: 06:49
20. Third World Anthem
Length: 10:51
21. Zoot Suite (Variation)
Length: 05:07
Album Details
Disc Count: 4
Total Length: 169:17
UPC: 602537219650