In Movement

Format: CD
Release Date: 5/6/2016
Album Personnel: Ravi Coltrane (Saxophone), Matt Garrison (Acoustic Upright Bass)
Label: ECM Records
Style(s): Modal
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Fifty years ago, as a guest with John Coltrane’s group, Jack DeJohnette played with the fathers of Ravi Coltrane and Matthew Garrison. But for all the wealth of historical reference, this adventurous trio is a band in movement, taking the music forward. Ravi Coltrane and Matt Garrison, in their ECM debuts, both respond magnificently to DeJohnette’s driving drumming, Ravi with superb solos, Garrison with lean bass lines and imaginative looping electronics.

1. Alabama
Length: 06:51
2. In Movement
Length: 09:21
3. Two Jimmys
Length: 08:14
4. Blue in Green
Length: 05:57
5. Serpentine Fire
Length: 09:02
6. Lydia
Length: 04:46
7. Rashied
Length: 05:48
8. Soulful Ballad
Length: 04:22
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 54:21
UPC: 602547815989