Take Me to the Alley

Format: CD
Release Date: 5/6/2016
Album Personnel: Emanuel Harrold (Drums), Aaron James (Acoustic Upright Bass), Yosuke Sato (Alto Saxophone), Tivon Pennicott (Tenor Saxophone), Darrell Crooks (Acoustic Guitar), Keyon Harrold (Trumpet), Demetrius Nabors (Electric Piano), Alicia Olatuja (Vocals)
Style(s): Vocal, Soul
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With 2013's Liquid Spirit, jazz singer and songwriter Gregory Porter’s Blue Note debut, he accomplished what few in his vocation have in recent decades -- sold over a million albums globally. He also won the 2014 Grammy for Best Jazz Vocal Album. On Take Me To The Alley, Porter sticks to what he does best: writing and singing great songs in his honeyed, unhurried yet disciplined baritone. The leadoff track, unsurprisingly, is his own version of "Holding On," with a double-timed, brushed hi-hat, Motown-esque bassline, and crystalline piano. It skirts the edges of pop-soul yet remains in the jazz camp. "Consequence of Love" is one of the finest moments here, a tender mid-tempo ballad offered with the no-nonsense conviction that reveals love may be beyond the measurement of the rational, but commitment to it remains necessary for the revelation of its truth. That he doesn't break new ground here isn't a big deal; he doesn't need to. His voice, already a standard of excellence by which others are judged, is matched by a truth-laid-bare songwriting style that is singular and second to none. - All Music Guide (Thom Jurek)

1. Holding On
Length: 05:02
2. Don't Lose Your Steam
Length: 03:18
3. Take Me to the Alley
Length: 05:16
4. Day Dream
Length: 03:51
5. Consequence of Love
Length: 03:20
6. In Fashion
Length: 04:34
7. More Than a Woman
Length: 03:31
8. In Heaven
Length: 04:18
9. Insanity
Length: 05:37
10. Don't Be a Fool
Length: 04:31
11. Fan the Flames
Length: 04:12
12. French African Queen
Length: 03:45
13. Holding On (feat. Kem)
Length: 04:14
14. Insanity (feat. Lalah Hathaway)
Length: 05:03
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 60:32
UPC: 602547827524