Spain Forever

Format: CD
Release Date: 10/7/2016
Label: Verve
Style(s): Latin
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Seven years after their widely praised initial encounter, Dominican jazz pianist Michel Camilo and Spanish gypsy guitarist Tomatito are back with another stunning set. Although these two musicians emerged from very different backgrounds, there is nonetheless a certain commonality, the most obvious being that both jazz and flamenco are highly improvisational, demanding nearly supernatural levels of empathy between collaborating musicians. Although their debut concentrated primarily upon Spanish sources, they've now moved on to styles of lateral Iberian descent, notably the stylishly intellectual neo-tangos of Argentina's Astor Piazzolla, with a nod to his influential forebear, Carlos Gardel. Mr. Camilo's Juilliard training must have come in handy when essaying these works, as both composers were deeply familiar with European sources such as the works of French impressionists like Debussy, Ravel, and Fauré. The album also includes a gently reflective rendering of "Stella by Starlight," coming to a close with "Amor de Conuco," a romantically retro nuevo cancion-like ballad by Mr. Camilo's countryman, Juan Luis Guerra, with vocals by the composer.

1. Água e Vinho
Length: 05:57
2. Our Spanish Love Song
Length: 04:37
3. Oblivion
Length: 06:12
4. Gnosiennes No. 1
Length: 05:59
5. Cinema Paradiso
Length: 03:11
6. Love Theme Cinema Paradiso
Length: 04:24
7. Nuages
Length: 06:17
8. Carnival (Manha de Carnaval)
Length: 05:55
9. About You
Length: 02:36
10. Armando's Rhumba
Length: 03:41
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 48:49
UPC: 602557025583