Sarah Vaughan Sings George Gershwin [Vinyl]

Format: Vinyl
Release Date: 4/20/2018
Label: Verve
Style(s): Vocal
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Picture of SINGS GEORGE GERSHWIN Isn't It a Pity? - Sarah Vaughan Source

In celebration of it's 60th anniversary, a vinyl reissue of a of classic 2LP set, in it's original mono mix. Sarah Vaughan's impeccable pop-jazz vocals soar over Hal Mooney's arrangements, which bring new life to Gershwin standards "Someone To Watch Over Me," "I've Got a Crush On You," "A Foggy Day," "Summertime," "The Man I Love," and many more. Sarah Vaughan Sings George Gershwin is one for the ages.

1. Isn't It a Pity
Length: 03:56
2. Of Thee I Sing
Length: 03:12
3. I'll Build a Stairway to Paradise
Length: 02:42
4. Someone to Watch Over Me
Length: 04:02
5. Bidin' My Time
Length: 03:02
6. The Man I Love
Length: 03:38
7. How Long Has This Been Going On
Length: 03:53
8. My One and Only
Length: 03:13
9. Lorelei
Length: 02:33
10. I've Got a Crush on You
Length: 04:03
11. Summertime
Length: 02:51
12. Aren't You Kinda Glad
Length: 03:29
13. They All Laughed
Length: 02:24
14. Looking for a Boy
Length: 03:41
15. He Loves and She Loves
Length: 03:26
16. My Man's Gone Now
Length: 04:25
17. I Won't Say I Will
Length: 03:18
18. Foggy Day
Length: 03:46
19. Let's Call the Whole Thing Off
Length: 02:22
20. Things Are Looking Up
Length: 03:29
21. Do It Again
Length: 03:12
22. Love Walked In
Length: 03:06
Album Details
Disc Count: 2
Total Length: 73:43
UPC: 602567020240