Invisible Threads

Format: CD
Release Date: 1/19/2018
Album Personnel: Nelson Ayres (Piano), Rob Waring (Vibraphone)
Label: ECM Records
Style(s): Post Bop
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Picture of INVISIBLE THREADS Summer Song - John Surman Source

British saxophonist and clarinetist John Surman has a long and successful history of working with musicians from other countries. For Invisible Threads, he combines forces with Brazilian pianist Nelson Ayres and American-Norwegian vibraphonist Rob Waring for this selection of Surman originals plus Ayre’s “Summer Song,” recorded at Oslo’s Rainbow Studio in July of 2017. 

1. At First Sight
Length: 02:33
2. Autumn Nocturne
Length: 06:52
3. Within the Clouds
Length: 04:48
4. Byndweed
Length: 05:11
5. On Still Waters
Length: 04:45
6. Another Reflection
Length: 01:33
7. The Admiral
Length: 05:15
8. Pitanga Pitomba
Length: 07:06
9. Summer Song
Length: 05:22
10. Concentric Circles
Length: 06:32
11. Stoke Damerel
Length: 03:37
12. Invisible Threads
Length: 05:39
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 59:13
UPC: 602567113171