Format: CD
Release Date: 2/1/2019
Label: ECM Records
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An album-of-the-year in US magazine High Fidelity and recipient of a 5-star review in Down Beat, Towner and Burton's Matchbook stands up today as a timeless instance of the art of the duo, it's vibrant spontaneity still alluring. The wide-ranging repertoire includes Ralph Towner's classic tune "Icarus", Charles Mingus's farewell to Lester Young, "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat", and Leonard Bernstein's "Some Other Time" ("a meticulously plotted melody that spurs some of the record s loveliest interaction" -Down Beat).

1. Drifting Petals
Length: 05:17
2. Some Other Time
Length: 06:16
3. Brotherhood
Length: 01:12
4. Icarus
Length: 05:52
5. Song for a Friend
Length: 05:10
6. Matchbook
Length: 04:34
7. 1 x 6
Length: 00:57
8. Aurora
Length: 05:11
9. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
Length: 04:26
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 38:55
UPC: 602567434825