Format: CD
Release Date: 4/26/2019
Label: ECM Records
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Improvising vocalist, folk singer, storyteller, pianist: on her ECM debut Areni Agbabian focuses the range of her skills in music that casts a quiet spell. A sparse music in which voice, piano and the subtle percussion of Nicolas Stocker (last heard on ECM with Nik Bärtsch’s Mobile ensemble), continually shade into silence.  The California-born Agbabian, who came to international attention with the groups of Tigran Hamasyan, draws deeply upon her Armenian heritage, reinterpreting sacred hymns, a traditional tale, a folk melody transcribed by Komitas and more, and interspersing  these elements among her own evocative compositions. Bloom was recorded in Lugano in October 2016 and produced by Manfred Eicher.

1. Patience
Length: 07:42
2. Petal One
Length: 01:51
3. Rain Drops
Length: 00:33
4. Yearning
Length: 03:25
5. Petal Two
Length: 02:24
6. Light Effect
Length: 02:40
7. Anganim Arachi Ko
Length: 01:21
8. The Water Bride
Length: 04:50
9. Mother
Length: 04:29
10. Garun A
Length: 02:18
11. The River
Length: 04:05
12. Anganim Revisited
Length: 04:32
13. Sear
Length: 01:34
14. Full Bloom
Length: 03:52
15. Whiteness
Length: 00:38
16. Colored
Length: 02:42
17. Seeing More
Length: 01:25
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 50:21
UPC: 602567525905