Collagically Speaking

Format: CD
Release Date: 6/15/2018
Style(s): Fusion, Acid
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Collagically Speaking is a raw document that seamlessly adheres neo-soul to future-funk, West Coast jazz of the moment to astral electronica, instrumental hip-hop to musique concrète, avant-garde to classical—these are single-take songs, written live in the room, that go wherever this formidable crew's mood goes. The themes that bind it all together are both spoken and inferred: romantic love, universal love, systemic bigotry, the women's movement, quiet power, wild creativity, personal loss and growth.

1. Change of Tone
Length: 07:32
2. Awake to You
Length: 08:14
3. By Design
Length: 05:27
4. Resting Warrior
Length: 09:51
5. Needed You Still (feat. Omari Hardwick)
Length: 06:09
6. Colors in the Dark
Length: 04:48
7. The Night in Question (feat. Terry Crews)
Length: 07:41
8. Reflect Reprise (feat. Stalley)
Length: 06:42
9. Her=Now (feat. Amanda Seales)
Length: 06:44
10. Respond
Length: 05:21
11. Been on My Mind (feat. Amber Navran)
Length: 04:49
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 73:18
UPC: 602567554318