The Gleaners

Format: CD
Release Date: 2/22/2019
Label: ECM Records
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Larry Grenadier's The Gleaners is a profound and highly creative album, harvesting influences from many sources, its title inspired by Agnès Varda's film The Gleaners and I. In between his own pieces here, including a dedication to early hero Oscar Pettiford, Grenadier explores compositions by George Gershwin, John Coltrane, Paul Motian, Rebecca Martin and Wolfgang Muthspiel. "The process for making this record began with a look inward," Larry writes in his liner note, "an excavation into the core elements of who I am as a bass player. It was a search for a center of sound and timbre, for the threads of harmony and rhythm that formulate the crux of a musical identity." The result is an important addition to ECM's series of distinguished solo bass albums. The Gleaners was recorded at New York s Avatar Studios in December 2016 and produced by Manfred Eicher.

1. Oceanic
Length: 02:26
2. Pettiford
Length: 03:41
3. The Gleaner
Length: 02:10
4. Woebegone
Length: 03:23
5. Gone Like the Season Does
Length: 04:29
6. Compassion / The Owl of Cranston
Length: 09:08
7. Vineland
Length: 03:06
8. Lovelair
Length: 03:39
9. Bagatelle 1
Length: 01:49
10. Bagatelle 2
Length: 01:48
11. My Man’s Gone Now
Length: 05:35
12. A Novel In a Sigh
Length: 00:48
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 42:02
UPC: 602567578413