Blue World

Format: CD
Release Date: 9/27/2019
Label: Verve
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In 1964, the National Film Board of Canada asked John Coltrane to record the soundtrack for a French-language film titled Le Chat Dans Le Sac (The Cat in the Bag). In June of that year, Coltrane's classic quartet entered Rudy Van Gelder's studio and recorded five previously-recorded Coltrane originals. For many years, viewers of the film who recognized the music thought that they were listening to the original recordings, though in fact they were new and had never been heard.

1. Naima (Take 1)
Length: 04:36
2. Village Blues (Take 2)
Length: 03:46
3. Blue World
Length: 06:08
4. Village Blues (Take 1)
Length: 03:48
5. Village Blues (Take 3)
Length: 03:46
6. Like Sonny
Length: 02:43
7. Traneing In
Length: 07:38
8. Naima (Take 2)
Length: 04:08
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 36:33
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