KingMaker [Vinyl]

Format: Vinyl
Release Date: 8/2/2019
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Impressive debut album from an incredible young artist who has been omnipresent on acclaimed recent albums by Makaya McCraven (Universal Beings), Walter Smith III (In Common), Marquis Hill (Modern Flows, Vol. 2), and James Francies (Flight). Milt Jackson was a formative influence, Bobby Hutcherson passed him some sage advice, and Stefon Harris was his mentor and teacher. Now Joel carries the Blue Note vibraphone legacy into the future on an album that finds him exploring the formative stuff that made him the man he is, first and foremost, family. The centerpiece and title track is dedicated to his mother, while other compositions pay homage to Ross' twin brother, father, and niece.

1. Touch by an Angel
Length: 10:53
2. Prince Lynn's Twin
Length: 07:03
3. The Grand Struggle Against Fear
Length: 06:00
4. Ill Relations
Length: 04:52
5. Is It Love That Inspires You?
Length: 04:11
6. Interlude (Bass Solo)
Length: 01:12
7. KingMaker
Length: 06:05
8. Freda's Disposition (feat. Gretchen Parlato)
Length: 07:02
9. With Whom Do You Learn Trust?
Length: 05:14
10. Grey
Length: 05:13
11. Yana
Length: 05:45
12. It's Already Too Late
Length: 03:25
Album Details
Disc Count: 2
Total Length: 66:55
UPC: 602577859212