Universal Beings

Format: CD
Release Date: 10/26/2018
Style(s): Post Bop
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Paris-born, New England-raised, long-time Chicago-residing Makaya McCraven has been at the forefront of genre-redefining movements in jazz since 2015, when he introduced the world to his unique brand of 'organic beat music' on the breakout album In The Moment. Culled, cut, post-produced & re-composed by Makaya using recordings of free improvisation he collected over dozens of live sessions in Chicago, through incubation & experimentation In The Moment established a procedural blueprint that he has since been sharpening & developing. Now, after 4+ years of refining his approach, Makaya McCraven puts forth an ambitious new work - Universal Beings - a culmination of concepts conceived by In The Moment, and his most elegant & articulated work yet.

1. A Queen's Intro
Length: 00:32
2. Holy Lands (feat. Brande Younger)
Length: 05:14
3. Young Genius (feat. Joel Ross)
Length: 05:32
4. Black Lion (feat. Dezron Douglas)
Length: 02:56
5. Tall Tales (feat. Tomeka Reid)
Length: 04:16
6. Mantra
Length: 03:48
7. Pharaoh's Intro
Length: 01:58
8. Atlantic Black
Length: 09:10
9. Inner Flight
Length: 03:02
10. Wise Man, Wiser Woman (feat. Shabaka Hutchings)
Length: 03:13
11. Prosperity's Fear (feat. Junius Paul)
Length: 06:11
12. Flipped OUT
Length: 02:40
13. Voila (feat. Daniel Casimir)
Length: 05:00
14. Suite Haus (feat. Nubya Garcia)
Length: 05:09
15. The Newbies Lift Off (feat. Ashley Henry)
Length: 06:19
16. The Royal Outro
Length: 01:44
17. The Count Off (feat. Carlos Niño)
Length: 01:09
18. Butterss's (feat. Anna Butterss)
Length: 02:59
19. Turtle Tricks (feat. Jeff Parker)
Length: 04:15
20. The Fifth Monk
Length: 08:01
21. Brighter Days Beginning (feat. Josh Johnson)
Length: 02:32
22. Universal Beings (feat. Miguel Atwood)
Length: 04:08
Album Details
Disc Count: 2
Total Length: 89:48
UPC: 603784912073