The Gene Krupa Quartet Live 1966

Format: CD
Release Date: 7/23/2018
Album Personnel: Eddie Shu (Saxophone), Benny Moten (Acoustic Upright Bass), Dill Jones (Piano)
Label: Dot Time
Style(s): Bebop
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Recorded at the Indiana Jazz Festival, November 1966, this is a fantastic set from The Gene Krupa’s Quartet. Krupa leads the Quartet through a lively set with the amazing but underappreciated Saxophonist Eddie Shu. Shu straddles his main early influence, Lester Young and his admiration of Coltrane. One of the highlights of the set is an energetic Drum Boogie. You’ll want to hear the music of this Quartet from the Drummer Buddy Rich said, “Gene is absolutely the first man when it comes to drums. The inspiration for every big-name drummer in the business today…This is the President.”

1. Big Noise from Winnetka
Length: 07:10
2. Honeysuckle Rose
Length: 03:26
3. Alligator Crawl (feat. Dill Jones)
Length: 04:54
4. Moonlight in Vermont
Length: 03:03
5. Caravan
Length: 11:22
6. Take the A Train
Length: 07:53
7. The Shadow of Your Smile
Length: 07:30
8. Drum Boogie
Length: 12:56
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 58:14
UPC: 604043801022