Grass Roots

Format: CD
Release Date: 2/21/2020
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Dr. John music director and bassist Roland Guerin is exploring a new musical chapter. Drawing from a wide spectrum of genres, Guerin's latest release Grass Roots displays a singular style driven by stories told through multi-layered melodies, rhythms and expressive lyrics in the range of Steely Dan, John Mayer, Sting and Peter Gabriel. Roland Guerin found his way back to his musical roots while recording and touring with the masterful Allen Toussaint from 2009 until his passing in 2015. Having collaborated with many legends from Marcus Roberts to the Blind Boys of Alabama, Roland's debut solo release was dubbed "a literal piece of art" by JazzReview. Now integrating Americana folk melodies, blues, zydeco, African rhythms, and rock with jazz soloing and orchestral arrangements, Grass Roots' tender eloquence reveals Guerin's formidable chops not just in his playing, but in his choices.

1. Summer Moon
Length: 06:20
2. Running on Nightfumes
Length: 04:20
3. Inside Outside Upside Down
Length: 03:59
4. Grass Roots
Length: 05:39
5. After Math
Length: 04:43
6. Stick to the Basics
Length: 04:06
7. 4Me4U
Length: 04:28
8. Lorena
Length: 02:55
9. One Step
Length: 05:00
10. To the Edge of Something
Length: 06:04
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 47:34
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