Format: CD
Release Date: 10/19/2018
Label: Double Moon
Style(s): Post Bop
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Picture of DECIDOPHOBIA Decidophobia - Maik Krahl Quartet Source

Maik Krahl makes fear a subject of discussion. Fear of making decisions or doing something that you might regret later. The fear of making an irreparable error, perhaps ruining your future as a result, being rejected or giving offense. Not a few people are inclined to postpone answers to urgent questions in the hope that everything will somehow solve itself. But only waiting increases the problem. Psychology calls this phenomena "decidophobia." "Especially as a jazz musician you are forced continually to make decisions. Everything that you do has a direct influence on the band and the character of the piece. You cannot simply trust any mechanisms. It is a question of with which musicians I record and which pieces are included on the album," Krahl explained. For him, it is less a question of fear of possibly negative consequences, the trumpeter assured. "I would instead call it decision uncertainty." This is the current case for Krahl. After all, it is his first album under his own name which is being released in the highly respected Jazz thing Next Generation series. But the musician has no reason to worry. The seven tracks on this release are brimming with bold inspiration, amazing solutions, compositional finesse, and stupendous virtuosity. Krahl might brood about what is wrong or right, what makes sense and what doesn't. However, precisely because he left nothing to chance, his debut album sounds above all courageous and daring.

1. Dance Little Walnut Dance
Length: 08:38
2. Demian
Length: 08:11
3. Numbers 3
Length: 06:28
4. Via Metauro
Length: 07:07
5. It Happened to Me
Length: 05:10
6. Ombrophily
Length: 07:17
7. Decidophobia
Length: 08:18
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 51:09
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