19 Ways to Rain

Format: CD
Release Date: 4/12/2019
Label: Double Moon
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Flying Cakes has nothing really to do with cakes; it consists more of musical impressions from different places around the world. The expression, which became the name of the quartet, was given by the band leader Benjamin Geyer. He depicted it in his adventurous journey through India, randomly sprayed onto a wall. Flying Cakes draws back to jazz but drives off to another journey; leaving the traditional patterns behind onward to a merge of different genres. These different characteristics of genres create new compositions. The four musicians, Nils Wrasse, Benjamin Geyer, Thomas Kolarczyk, and Philip Dornbusch mingle together the perceptions of each of them and transform them skillfully into music. Flying Cakes is an audible and glittering journey around the world. A journey full of euphoria, pain, resistance and beauty.

1. Lunatico
Length: 06:33
2. Bird
Length: 04:41
3. 19 Ways to Rain
Length: 05:53
4. Gentlemen Don't Run
Length: 04:49
5. Dawn
Length: 05:22
6. Interlude
Length: 01:41
7. How About You
Length: 05:42
8. The Brown Eyed Fellow
Length: 06:09
9. Autumn Sketches
Length: 05:58
10. Novemberkind
Length: 07:33
11. Little Men
Length: 03:44
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 58:05
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