As Time Goes By

Format: CD
Release Date: 9/11/2020
Label: Double Moon
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Joe Haider: "For over sixty years I have been on the road as a jazz pianist / composer / arranger / educator, and as yet there is no end in sight. I am already 84 now, but still fresh and lively. But it sounds like the final stage, or overtime with a penalty shootout afterwards, to use football jargon. Nevertheless, I have to see how I can continue. In my long career I have been able to get to know many fellow musicians and to take part in many concerts as a pianist and bandleader. I am infinitely grateful for that. This sextet is my latest project, which I planned for my so-called final phase in music: it is a three-generation band."

1. Magic Box
Length: 07:06
2. Only for You
Length: 08:11
3. As Time Goes By
Length: 08:27
4. Hot Summer in Vienna
Length: 07:24
5. A Blow for Joe
Length: 05:37
6. Benoit
Length: 10:21
7. But so Far
Length: 06:56
8. District West
Length: 07:22
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 61:24
UPC: 608917137125