Format: CD
Release Date: 11/20/2020
Label: Double Moon
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Zuzana Leharová impressively combines her cultural background with her unlimited love for jazz in her music. As a matter of course, folkloristic melodies merge with jazz solos to free improvisations. Zuzana Leharová writes: “The music on this album is inspired by the scenes of the life-hungry person in me, the fusion of my longings, the leftover memories of my origins, dreams and wondrous encounters in life and the rebellion against self-made lack of freedom. The unreal and the real naturally blur into one another.” She is joined on this release by an all-star lineup including Constantin Krahmer, Joscha Detz, Nils Tegen, and Bastian Stein.

1. Páslo Dievca Pávy
Length: 06:00
2. Intro Pokúšenie
Length: 02:23
3. Pokúšenie
Length: 02:17
4. Dance Between Two Pines
Length: 08:16
5. Knochenmann
Length: 07:37
6. Cosmic Dreamscape
Length: 06:39
7. Rozlúcka
Length: 06:37
8. Terranauts
Length: 06:07
9. Hoehentraum
Length: 05:41
10. Coral
Length: 05:34
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 57:11
UPC: 608917137729